Things to do in Lockdown

Spring Picture quiz 2021

Try Bert’s spring quiz with 12 Honley locations. Click on the yellow words above.

The answers can be found here


Kirklees Local History offers a series of Virtual Trails round parts of Huddersfield.

This one is a tour of Lockwood and lasts for around 45 minutes.

This one is a tour of Birkby and lasts just under one hour.

Here’s another, this time of Highfields from Huddersfield Local History Society 


David Hinchliffe — Descent into Silence: 1821 Norcroft Pit Disaster

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Descent into Silence” is the untold story of an 1821 pit tragedy at Norcroft, near the West Riding village of Cawthorne, in the middle of the industrial revolution. Six boys and four men were killed in a shaft accident when the ascending corve carrying them to the surface plunged almost 120 feet after a chain broke. HLHS member and one-time speaker at Honley Civic Society, David Hinchliffe, a relative of one of the two 8-year-olds killed, has undertaken detailed research into the circumstances of the tragedy, the backgrounds of those involved and what subsequently happened to the victims’ families.

Placenames Quiz

Just for a bit of fun, there are no prizes, can you identify these Honley placenames?

Answers can be found here.

In most of these there is a play on words of the names given to the various landmarks, streets, lanes and folds. One or two are anagrams.
1. The butcher and the baker might find a mate on this lane
2. You would find these in a church to protect your knees – or on boggy ground
3. Would you like a tonic with this?
4. A pastoral place to cultivate
5. The Lake District on your doorstep?
6. Have you heard the first one this year?
7. Fasten up this hem
8. Your lawn might get waterlogged here!
9. Harmony should exist in this street
10. A comfortable sleep on the beach?
11. A Gallic bent
12. Cottages – a mixture, and further north!


As in Part 1, most of these are a play on the names of various landmarks, streets, lanes and folds. One or two are anagrams.
1. Bend into a stream
2. Mix the swell around to find a place of water
3. You would have a hard job spinning this!
4. Keeping a watchful eye
5. Their value may go up and down – even in a churchyard!
6. This sheer face has been newly recruited
7. Hold your horses!
8. A speedy turn here – before he flies off to warmer climes
9. A bit pebbly underfoot at one time, no doubt
10. No piscatorials here!
11. Near to his Canterbury Tales perhaps?
12. Refreshments for those in league

No prizes but answers below.