Monthly Committee minutes

Minutes of Committee Meeting – 14th November 2019

Present: Ken J, Peter M, Steve H, Mike P, Carol R, Joyce B, Christopher E, Kathryn B, Maggie B
Minutes of September meeting approved
Apologies: None
1. Matters arising
The collection for the organ appeal fund made at the October meeting in the Church raised £40.
This has been passed to Jenny Lockwood. The appeal has now received a grant to complete the fundraising effort. Peter has agreed to meet Jenny before Christmas.
It was agreed to make a donation of £100 to The Friends of Honley to support the purchase of tools for use in the burial ground.
Arrangements for the Huddersfield Family History day are now complete. This will be next Saturday 16th November at Cathedral House.
June Wrathall will be assisting Joyce with the Trinity Christmas Tree festival where the Society will have a tree.
The rota for the Honley Street Market on Dec 7th will be recirculated.
Plants will also be on sale as the Council have once again planted up the flower bed in the village.
Preparations for the Christmas Social are already in hand. The food has been ordered from Morrisons and will be collected on the day between 5 & 6pm. Bert has prepared a quiz.
2. Finance – Oct 6th to Nov 6th 2019
Documents for two months were presented. Membership subs (£140) and book sales (£40) were the biggest income contributors. The money made on refreshments was donated to the organ fund.
Expenditure was higher than usual with £347 spent on book printing £70 on fire safety and £45 on the speaker.
3. Administration
A discussion was held on whether we should continue with producing posters and their value in publicising our meetings. It was agreed to continue.
Modern communications increasing use social media to publicise events but none of the committee are familiar it. A request will be raised with the members at the meeting to see if there is anyone who can manage a Facebook account.
The issue of the distribution of the monthly minutes to the membership was discussed but not agreed for the time being.
4. History
The Honley Remembers book has now almost sold out, only six copies left.
The book for Christmas is now titled High Days and Holidays in Honley and is on sale for £5.00. So far, 30 have been sold. An article has appeared in the Examiner and was also sent to the Flyer and the Holme Valley Review.
Heritage Open Day was a great success with almost 60 attending including some potential new members.
Several new photos have been acquired plus a Golden Jubilee commemorative plate for Honley High School.
We have donated 50 books to the HDFHS for Family History Day goodie bags (25 Remember and 25 St Mary’s by Mary Jagger). These are slow sellers and so reduces stocks. We can write them down for the AGM.
5. Planning
The application for a restaurant on Concord Street, the former Pennine products building, has been approved.
Photos of flooding in the area of the 50-house development on Gynn lane have been submitted.
A planning application has been submitted to demolish a bungalow on Marsh Gardens and replace it with 4 four-bedroom houses. Most felt that this was an overdevelopment for such a small site and would cause ongoing traffic/parking issues.
Whilst the development on Woodhead Road has been approved, a survey has highlighted issues with the incline of the access.
6. Activities
Preparations for the Huddersfield History Fair and the Honley Street market are in hand.
7. Any Other Business
None raised.
9. Next Meeting
The next meeting will be Christmas Social on Thursday 12th December.