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Following the advice of HM Government on the Coronavirus Pandemic,


Summer Placenames Quiz

Just for a bit of fun, there are no prizes, can you identify these Honley placenames?

Answers next week!!

In most of these there is a play on words of the names given to the various landmarks, streets, lanes and folds. One or two are anagrams.
1. The butcher and the baker might find a mate on this lane
2. You would find these in a church to protect your knees – or on boggy ground
3. Would you like a tonic with this?
4. A pastoral place to cultivate
5. The Lake District on your doorstep?
6. Have you heard the first one this year?
7. Fasten up this hem
8. Your lawn might get waterlogged here!
9. Harmony should exist in this street
10. A comfortable sleep on the beach?
11. A Gallic bent
12. Cottages – a mixture, and further north!

A letter from our Chairman Ken Jenkin,

Dear member
I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all well in these strange times and hope that are coping with the issues of isolation and social distancing.
There is a group of volunteers in the Holme Valley, contactable either by telephoning 01484 212056 or by sending an email to; they are willing and able to help with shopping, collection of prescriptions, dog walking and so on, should you need this kind of support.
Our speaker meetings and joint walks with Trinity Church are cancelled. As soon as this changes, we will notify you and any information will be posted on the website.
If you are tired of watching the news and are running out of reading matter, some of our books have now been digitised and can be read online. Look for the “Out of print books” link.
If you have any questions or comments, you can contact me via email to
Stay safe, stay well.
Kind regards,